2nd Unit

The newly established 2nd Unit is dedicated to film arts & education.

This is where you’ll find information relating to Short Film Competitions and film-makers’ forums, among other things.

SPECIAL!!! If you are a C5 member the registration fee for your team is waived! If you are not yet a member, become a member here.

Register here for the “Tell Me You Love Me” short film competition.

Give us your team name, lead contact name and phone number as well as email. If you are not a member, your $20 registration fee should be paid on the membership page.

How it works: At noon on Wednesday January 29, 2020 you will receive an email with instructions to utilize three prompts in your film, a prop, a sound effect and a line of dialogue. Write the script, film your actors, edit the footage, add the extras and export an mp4.

Your short film is to be made in one week and sent to this same email address.

Films are to be romantic by nature. Please do not make a horror film. We are providing your film with an audience ON Valentine’s Day, please make a film appropriate for lovers and those who wish to be loved.

Rules and other forms will be sent to your email address.

The 2nd Unit is also developing programs to take their expertise to young, aspiring film-makers in an effort to inspire them and assist in their technical growth as well as guiding them toward a creating works that display their own message and creativity.

Stay tuned as the 2nd Unit continues to develop…

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