Greetings, bookmark this page. To see the winners and view the films go directly to Dark Alleys Film Noir.

This is where you should come to get info on Carson City based filmmaking competitions. We say Carson City based because the screenings are in Carson City, Nevada. However, you can live anywhere in the world and participate. The competitions are digital delivery; meaning we send you prompts, forms and such via email and you send your completed film, utilizing the prompts, and the required forms to us via We Transfer or Vimeo.

Currently we do 3 competitions a year. To see past submissions click on the title of the competition.

Love Notes

Film Noir 2022 Summer Revolving Theme

Yee Yaw 2021 Summer Revolving Theme

Carson Creepy

Our next competition is Film Noir. This is a two week film build, as our filmmakers have been enjoying a longer period to make the films. Beginning day is July 13, 2022 and films are due on July 27, 2022. Screening is August 13, 2022. Venue TBA.

Should submissions number above 10, the competition will be juried. Only the top 10 films will be judged, however all films will be screened and are available to receive the audience choice award.

Judges skilled in their field will be judging all competitions. Judges notes are shared in an email to the film team the day after the screening.

Note: You have 2 weeks to make your film, no exceptions, all films due ON the due date with ALL paperwork attached or emailed separately. See the rules/instructions for more information, including judge link delivery and hi res film submission.

Prizes! All award winners get a color printed framed award, but Overall Best Film and Audience Choice get even more. That will be the prize we choose for each competition. But as an example, 2021 Overall Best Film received a $100 gift Card to B+H Photo and previous competition a year long subscription to MasterClass.com, an online learning center with esteemed actors, directors and composers teaching the courses.

Sign up your team here, Students are FREE, C5 Members are FREE, Non members are $25.

Look here for rules and instructions.

All required forms will be emailed to teams on the start date along with the prompts: talent releases, location, sound releases and the rules/instructions.

This year’s screening MAY be at the Carson Stadium Theatres.

2571 N. Carson St. Carson City, NV 89706

Or The Brewery Arts Center

449 W. King St. Carson City, NV 89703

Film Noir Short Film Competition tickets to the screening on August 13, 2022 available here.

The 2nd Unit is also developing programs to take their expertise to young, aspiring film-makers in an effort to inspire them and assist in their technical growth as well as guiding them toward creating works that display their own message and creativity.



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