2nd Unit

2nd Unit is dedicated to film arts & education. Photo above is linked to: 7-filmmaking-safety-tips and no copyright infringement is intended.The article is excellent, please show proper respect.

This page is where you’ll find information links relating to Short Film Competitions and film-makers forums, among other things.

Carson Creepy Short Film Competition-begins Sept 30, 2020 and you have 2 weeks to create your film.

To register go here.

This years screening event will be Wednesday Oct. 28, in the Performance Hall at the BAC due to social distancing and Covid fricken 19 a maximum of 50 attendees. So get your screening tickets fast!

To get screening tickets go here.

The 2nd Unit is also developing programs to take their expertise to young, aspiring film-makers in an effort to inspire them and assist in their technical growth as well as guiding them toward a creating works that display their own message and creativity.



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