2nd Unit

The newly established 2nd Unit is dedicated to film arts & education.

This is where you’ll find information relating to Short Film Competitions and film-makers’ forums, among other things.

The “YeeHaw” short western film competition begins April 22. You are allowed 2 weeks to make your short film and get it back to us on May 6 for screening on May 16, see the rules here.

Screening is held at the Silverland Hotel in Virginia City, 100 E Street on Saturday May 16 at 5:30pm. Tickets for dinner can be purchased here. Or screening only here.

We hope you will join us for this first time competition!

Interested in more filmmaking competitions? Follow these links:

Tell Me You Love Me Short Romance Film Competition Jan/Feb

Yee Haw Short Western Film Competition begins April 22, 20

City Wide Short Film Competition-on hold for 2020

Carson Creepy Short Film Competition-begins Sept 30, 20

The 2nd Unit is also developing programs to take their expertise to young, aspiring film-makers in an effort to inspire them and assist in their technical growth as well as guiding them toward a creating works that display their own message and creativity.

Stay tuned as the 2nd Unit continues to develop…

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