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Here are the instructions and rules for all of our competitions.

These are the most recent films and films from previous years. They are predominantly on You Tube, some are on Vimeo and include the need for a password. Please like the films, constructive comments are appreciated by the filmmakers.

If some films do not open please try back at a later time. We have an email out to the filmmakers to change the status of their films to Public Viewing.


The prompts were:

Prop: Nail Polish

Sound Effect: A Revving Engine

Line of Dialog: “Only if you REALLY try!”

Winners were:

Best Use of Prompts -Sleep

Best Technical- SPFX (Technical) -Unspoken
Best Effects -SPFX (Practical)-Sleep
Best Screenplay -The Neighbor
Best Villain -Mr. Chuckles-Don’t Be a Dummy
Best Soundtrack-Mike & Linda Badinger-Rift

Best Acting- Samantha Gates- Unspoken Judge’s Choice- Unspoken

C5 Hitchcock Award  -Pandora’s Box
Audience Choice- later

“Ghost Killers” by Spitfire Productions-

“Meat The Family” by Silver State Psychos-

“DON’T BE A DUMMY – Top ways to survive a horror movie.” by Carson Crypt Keepers- Password Dummy1!

“Finding the one.” by GHOST CAT PRODUCTIONS- password: Randy1!

“I’ll Bring the Flowers” by luckypoppy productions- Password: Flowers

“Unplugged” by classy bird productions –

“Rift” by Foothills Filmmaker Co-Op and Red Squares Kino password RiftFinal

“Pandora’s Box” by Robin Tyler Productions –

“The Neighbor” by Creepy Films –

“The Countdown” by Raindrop Productions-

“The Job” by Stank It! Inc-

“Sleep” by SBFM-

“The Rule of Two” by SBFM –

“Unspoken” by I Ain’t No Scare Productions-

“The Unload” by Tower Productions-

“1/2 a witch” by Star, Child, Eagle Productions –


Please watch for the following prompts:

A Prop: Tarot cards

A Sound Effect: Party horn (can be seen, not JUST heard)

This Line of Dialogue: “Haven’t I seen this in a movie before?”

Some are missing as we had the films sent via WeTransfer that year. We are working to get the films open to view by the public.

Rise of the Vermillion Team: R.2.Cents MediaLink:

Tarot Reaper Team: Tarot Team Link: Password: forksintheroad

Fangs of Fear Team: Red Squares Kino Link: Password: FinalFang

Blaring Team: I ain’t no scare

Crush Ghosts Team: NMMania

The Neighbor Team: Michael and Steven Link:

The Lovers Team: Broom Mic Productions Link:

Jacob Live! Team: Tahoe Boy

Viley Shoked Wickedingly Evil and Xtreme

Brainstorm Team: Big Nasty Productions 

Thank You, Paco Team: Monster House

Lain it’s Grasp Team: Spitfire Productions 

Hindsight 2020 Team: Classy Bird Productions Link:

Last MeetingTeam: Chronofied


The prompts were:

A Prop: Jar of peanut butter. (Extra credit for a dozen or more.)
A Sound Effect: A siren. 
This Line of Dialogue: “Those are nice flowers.”

Please watch for 12 or more jars of pnut butter and make note on those.

Mr Sad by Sean LeBard:

The Price of Beauty by Natalia Filson:

Hungry by Taylor Wilson:

SBFM Horror:The Documentary by Fernando Ramirez:

You’re Next by Trevor Young:

Bir’Deathday Party by Josh Tuttle:

Princess and the Potion by Alex Sproc:

Murder Party by Bryant Tarpley

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