Forms for Filmmakers


Certain forms must be submitted with each film. If the forms are not submitted, the respective film may be disqualified from competition. Most of these forms may seem repetitive or even redundant, but there is one very good reason why these forms are required. Should any of the filmmakers wish to go on to submit their films to other competitions and festivals, most will ask for this same paperwork. If you cannot provide this information to other competitions and festivals, you may not enter your film. Plain and simple. We want to see our filmmakers go on to win more awards, which is why we’re helping prepare you now.

Each form has a brief explanation included as to its purpose. If you’re not sure about any of the forms, please contact the event coordinators.

Perhaps the most important form you will submit with your film. It contains the names of all your actors and crew, certain vital information and their signatures indicating they have agreed to participate in your film. Click HERE to download this form.

If you use music from a website like, then there are clear instructions on how to credit the music in your film. However, you might decide to use an original guitar piece that your best friend’s brother composed. In that case, you need to document the music you use in your film. Click HERE to download this form.
If you’re filming in someone else’s home or office, cover your bases by securing a proper release to use the location. Even if you use your own home, fill out one of these forms and keep it on file. Click HERE to download this form.
Some festivals and competitions may require other forms. These are just the essentials and are required at the time you submit your film to the competition.

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