Love Notes

Films from previous years. They are predominantly on You Tube, some are on Vimeo and include the need for a password. Please like the films, constructive comments are appreciated by the filmmakers.

If some films do not open please try back at a later time. We have an email out to the filmmakers to change the status of their films to Public Viewing.


The prompts were:

Prop: A reflection ( in the mirror, window, shiny surface?)

Sound: Tapping sound of typing on computer keyboard.

Dialogue: “All I can hear is the birds singing.”

Searching For Love-

Falls Into Place-

Love Tap- Password-Lovely1

Must Love Cats- Password-mustlovecats

Did She?-  Password-Did she?

JTO, The Movie- Password-JTOTHEMOVIE

Better Safe Than Happy-


The prompts were:

Prop: A pad of paper

Sound Effect: Old Fashioned cash register “ka ching” sound, much like Venmo uses.

Line of Dialog: “We might be related!”

Gaze! –

Roboi –

Love and Stuff –

Puppy Love –

How To Go On A Perfect Date-

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