Yee Haw!

Short Western Film Competition

Films from previous years. They are predominantly on You Tube, some are on Vimeo and include the need for a password. Please like the films, constructive comments are appreciated by the filmmakers.

If some films do not open please try back at a later time. We have an email out to the filmmakers to change the status of their films to Public Viewing.


The prompts were:

Prop: A red shoe (or boot, it goes on a foot).

Sound Effect: Running water.

Line of Dialog: “Don’t worry, I’ll get it !”

Special Kudos to those who can utilize a lens flare.

Chanda-“Dickles in a Jar”-

Jessica-“The Caterwaul”-

Dylon-“Showdown at Dusk”-

Linnette-“Yee HaHa”-
Kamryn-“Cactus Cowboy [Again]”-

Sean-“the adventures of julian the kid and laney the bug”-

Natalia-“An Eye for an Eye and Dewberry Pie”-

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