Get Your Fix

Here are alternate places that you can see classic films while we are out of commission.

– Public domain films online:  These films are free to view online – some surprisingly good titles!  Just last year, Buster Keaton’s famous Safety Last  entered the Public Domain and is available here. (You know, the one where he’s hanging off the clock, high above a busy street…)

– Fandango Now!: On Demand streaming online or on your smart tv.They have a w-i-d-e selection of current releases, tv shows and classic films.  They rent/sell for immediate download, with rentals starting at $2.99.  They seem to list the programs close to release date, newest to oldest, so if it’s classics you’re looking for, keep scrolling with that “end” button until it won’t scroll anymore and work your way back up.  You can also search by title, star or genre, so if you’re in the mood for Judy Garland or Gene Kelly or James Stewart, give that a try.

If you have any suggestions that we might enjoy, please share so we can forward them to our audience.  Follow us on Facebook (link below) for the most up-to-date information.

And don’t forget-Studio C5:  we will continue to broadcast our radio show, live, every Tuesday at 7p, though we may transition to more general discussions about Hollywood’s Golden Age.  That’s Dee & Jeff on the home page! 

And you might want to check out some of the other, very diverse, local shows on Carson City’s own local radio station!

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